My wild Europe diary...wanna join in?

I've left to have adventures. I'll share with you here.


On Tuesday I took off to Italy. I landed. And hiked…so that I could fully land in myself. I didn’t sleep for 36 hours.

It’s been more than three years since I’ve been out and about in the world. It was a big decision to pack up and take off again. I agonised. The carbon miles, Covid, a bit of Stockholm syndrome (I’d got comfortable, although not in a vibrant, healthy way, with being confined to one spot). I had to weigh up my fear of being lonely and alone in the world, plus the insane discomfort I face every time I have to find a bed for the night (I struggle to sleep in new places due to noise and smell sensitivities), with my visceral need to, well, scare myself. And to invent and create and learn.

Much more to say and share. Along the way I’ll be developing ideas for my next book and for my podcast. I’d love to share stories and hikes and answer questions and introduce you to precious humans I meet along the way. I’ll do it here in this newsletter with the community of subscribers via audio and video - under 5 minute grabs most of the time. I’ll also keep doing the You Ask I Answer spiels…so please post some questions below.

And this is the spot I finally found to do a wee…

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Big Euro love,

Sarah xx