Hey, I'm going to start answering your personal questions here
NEWS: I've 100% quit I Quit SugarWatch now (6 min) | and the whole lot is going to charity
it was A Sweeter Life on a Friday…now it’s precious.
on the two-year anniversary of the bushfires
plus how ScoMo is blocking (!) FF from switching to renewables. Seriously.
plus a brutal mini-series I'm starting
An honest* announcement + making tough decisions after 2 years of hecticListen now | which I figured was best done audibly...
all the hacks and tricks in one spot
Yo, my Federal election project!Watch now (15 min) | You give a shit? You want your vote to count like never before. Rad.
is this what you signed up for? Seawalls and indoor summers?
and how i steady myself in apocalyptic times
I explain degrowth economics and our current sadness (do you feel it too?)