on the two-year anniversary of the bushfires
An honest* announcement + making tough decisions after 2 years of hecticListen now | which I figured was best done audibly...
ensure you check in with the latter this week
Plus, how the fossil fuel overlords are now duping us with plastic
Q: Want to be part of my Live Nation tour...hit me with your climate quandaries?My “Wild and Precious” tour kicks off Feb-March 2022 - tickets here. It’s a loving, hopeful, wild climate clusterf*ck adventure. I’m inviting pa…
plus a full cheat cheat on whether your takeaway coffee cup is *really* green
and how we can find some bloody consolation
plus paying attention to virtual Gucci handbags and de-forming animals in the anthropocene
for more nuanced, climate-caring living and pure curiosity purposes ('cos to be a curious human is a noble thing indeed)
plus an elegant argument for abolishing leaf blowers
amid so much, an Everything Shortage (prepare to really pay for your latte)
i detailed my reasons on Instagram and it went wild (in a good way, which is nice)