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I’m so excited you spoke to Doug, he’s so freakin (wildly) rad. Two favorite peeps coming together!

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I've joined up to WeAre8 :)

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These stats are frightening.....also interestingly I have recently become disenchanted with Insta for a number of reasons. FB & I have always had a weird relationship so this is timely 🧡

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Hi Sarah,

Thanks for another fantastic podcast. As you guys started talking about the opening story I remembered that I had heard this somewhere before - it was either Doug or someone who has a very similar story. Shocking!

Also - have you watched Extrapolations? It's the Apple TV+ new climate change sci fi show. Sci Fi is a loose term as it's only set 15 years into the future and the world looks both similar but also terrifying. I had a brand new thought when watching this: "I really don't think I'm gonna be able to protest this shit for another 15 years and be getting nowhere with it, while the Earth is in even worse shape (fires, melting ice etc) and tech bros saying that capitalism is the solution (vomit!)." That's possibly the most terrifying of all. That in 15 years, we will have made next to no progress. It's scary but I know I can chose to be immobilised by the fear, or turn the fear into action and know that I have tried and will keep trying.

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So keen for this kinda social media to be the new norm!

Anyone have any fave humans that we should all be following on We Are 8?

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