Meet the renegade taking on Big Social Media... with kindness

She's Australian. Her vision is beautifully mad. She's Sue Fennessy and we talk WeAr8.

Mar 22, 2023

I’ve been mentioning around the place this new social media app called WeAre8. On Monday I finally got to sit down with its founder and CEO Sue Fennessy to establish how and why she set out to do what many of us have been praying someone might do: Invent a way to do social media that totally disrupts the current toxic, addictive, algorithmically corrupt model!

Creatives, entrepreneurs, media players, fellow renegades, I reckon you’ll like the chat we have. For a bunch of reasons.

Adam Goodes, Adrian Eagle, me, Stan Walker and Tsehay Hawkins = 8 change makers

💛 And before we go a character further, full disclosure: I work with 8 collaboratively. Sue had come across my book (This One Wild and Precious Life) and was keen to support my work; I heard about her wild endeavour and wanted to do same. I do get paid a feeto do presentations and event MC’ing etc for the platform. 💛

A bit about Sue:

Sue Fennessy is an Australian-born American entrepreneur - now based in London - who has built and run a number of media/tech businesses, including the Standard Media Index, a tool that provides intelligence for brands such as NBC, Disney, News Corp, Google etc. wanting to know how many of their online advertisements actually get viewed.

A few of them stats we rattle off:

  • 60% of revenue generated on WeAre8 is donated to charities that target climate change and help creatives.

  • If every Australian who’s currently on social media joined WeAre8 and watched 2 minutes of ad content a day, IN ONE MONTH over $400 million would be payed forward to charity and good causes.

  • Rio Ferdinand, Cricketer Pat Cummins, Adam Goodes, Tsehay Hawkins (Yellow Wiggle) are “ambassadors”.

You can download the app on your phone easily:

You can download for all phones here…


It might take a while to adjust to the different UX stuff…but follow me (invite me to be a “friend” if you like): @_sarahwilson_

Oh, and if you’re a creator, podcaster, author, fashion designer, charity, etc you’ll like this:

On 8, you can link straight out from the image to your creation you want to spruik, and you won’t be harmed by algorithmic shadow banning. Yep!

Big, renegade kindness to you all,

Sarah xx

And another link to my interview with the wild Douglas Rushkoff. He’s possibly the most energised guest I’ve ever had on the show. And definitely wild.