Thank you Sarah. I haven't watched the video but listened to the podcast yesterday and it was so life and human affirming! I have been exploring what it means to living a meaningful life or what gives our lives meaning, and this episode was so helpful. I loved the potential of "leaning forward" and how to feel necessary in these times. Thank you both.

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What a fabulous story

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Dec 24, 2022Liked by Sarah Wilson

Thanks for this. On plastics- I’m currently in a bit of a mental free-fall with this. I try to avoid plastic and never fully believed in/embraced the recently ended Redcycle scheme in Au, (it seemed quite ‘bandaid’) but it did give me an action-based recycling buzz (and I’m still half-heartedly stockpiling any plastics, for some reason).

I’ve had a few recent moments of letting down my (plastic-buying) guard, and it was the right choice at the time. I forget how much curbing I do in a society that doesn’t hold back in consuming, and I need to let go of my tired grip sometimes..but it’s a slippery slope. Just wish plastic wasn’t there to take up any of my mental energy!

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Dec 24, 2022Liked by Sarah Wilson

I love what Avi wrote on the final email of his. How wonderful - no surprise to us who you continually inspire and motivate to be more ... but important you read it first hand. For you, especially as you navigate the strange chasm of the 'blank first page' to start this next book project.

Be safe these holidays, Sarah. Keep tending to that beautiful heart of yours.

Looking forward to 'this is precious' in 2023.

Ian x

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Dec 23, 2022Liked by Sarah Wilson

Still to listen and watch but momentarily got stopped at the opening paragraph and this line....

‘why I choose to live (and it is mostly a daily choice for me; you?)

I make this choice. Daily? Weekly?

I sometimes wonder what would happen if I didn’t have the responsibility of looking after my cat.

Life just seems hard and often pointless given what we are doing to the planet.

Yet here I am.

Another day. Another choosing.

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