Hi, I’m Sarah Wilson 🖐

And welcome to this is precious. I’m a former journalist, a multi-New York Times bestselling author, activist and podcaster. Moons ago I started the I Quit Sugar movement and did some crazy stuff like host Masterchef Australia, was the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan (😜) and lived “on the road” for eight years with just one bag of belongings….

…and an orange single-speed bike...

…while writing First, We Make the Beast Beautiful: A new story about anxiety and This One Wild and Precious Life: A hopeful path forward in a fractured world.

This newsletter chats philosophy, art, pop culture, science and political stuff that can get us maximising - and saving - the one wild and precious life we have been granted 🌏 on this planet.

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A few past posts to get the gist:

My newsletters variously touch on the climate crisis, neoliberalism, democra y fragmentation, new economic ideas and movements, pop-cultural Zeitgeisty stuff, mostly with a philosophical or perhaps spiritual spin…

💰 Like this explainer of degrowth economics and our current sadness (do you feel it too?) and this overview of how plastic is the new coal.

🦘I regularly write about sociological phenomenon, like Aussie anti-intellectualism.

🎯 Sometimes I’ll do a better-living hack rundown: How I pack for mega-minimal travel.

🧚🏻‍♀️ Plus some occasional clickbaity fodder, like this post about being targeted by gossip columnists for not owning a handbag. Dead. Serious.

As a rule, my aim is to start and continue conversations that explore how to live in a way that is wild, that reminds us of what matters and that enables us to cope with what is ahead.

On the back cover of my latest book, This One Wild and Precious Life, I write:

“We fight to save what we love. We need to be in nature, to return to our true nature, to be held and awed by it, to love it wildly. So that we will fight for it.” 

Do you have to pay?

Nope. As Seth Godin told me 12 years ago in an interview, “real artists give first”. I have always worked to this and trusted that “the rest follows”. Which means everyone gets my weekly rant.

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Sarah xx

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