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I’m Sarah Wilson. I’m a former journalist, author, and activist. This life is wild and precious and we are on the brink of losing it. I think we all know this.

This newsletter chats philosophy, art, pop culture, group soul, science and political stuff that can mobilise us to save it, and to live nobly as we do.

What else?

I read a lot and listen to a lot of things and tend to go down all the rabbit holes to understand them. I’m happy to do this and then share the best bits in a concise way with everyone here.

Shall we chat: Studies, podcasts, pop observations, deep reads and wild people?

That tick off: The climate crisis, social fragmentation, equity, neoliberalism, life, books and kind ideas

In the hope that: We can live in a way that is wild and matters, and enables us to cope with what is ahead.

On the back of my latest book, This One Wild and Precious Life I write that,

“We fight to save what we love. We need to be in nature, to return to our true nature, to be held and awed by it, to love it wildly. So that we will fight for it.” 

(Yes, so that.)

Do you have to pay?

Nope. As Seth Godin guided me, 12 years ago, when I was blogging about this kind of thing, “real artists give first”. I have always worked to this and trusted that “the rest follows”.

If you are happy to pay the approximate price of an oversized coffee a month ($AU5), that would be nice and can be done by subscribing below.

A little more about me. 

My CV appears to make little sense. 

I was a News Corp journalist, then editor of Cosmopolitan Australia and hosted commercial TV shows.

I quit sugar after developing an autoimmune disease and launched I Quit Sugar from an army shed in a forest in Northern New South Wales (wouldn’t you?) and started writing books. 15 in total. Two were New York Times bestsellers. 

I built a wellness business, which, after eight years, I sold off and gave all the funds to charity, and took to the road with one bag of belongings for eight years, again, and wrote first, we make the beast beautiful: a new story about anxiety followed by This One Wild and Precious Life: A hopeful path forward in a fractured world.


Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson is a Sydney-based New York Times and Amazon best-selling author who is 100% strapped into the climate wrestle.